Academic Advisor Uses Yoga to Find Balance and Peace

“I have done yoga intermittingly in the past; I mainly used home DVDs, but I did attend a brief series of classes that was offered by my apartment complex.  I must say that the time spent with Stacy has been my most enjoyable and effective experience to date.  She is a great instructor, using her knowledge of the practice to customize her sessions to whoever is participating that particular day.  I learned several techniques that I have used at home, as well as everyday practices that I can incorporate throughout the day. I initially believed that yoga was something used solely for exercise purposes, but now I know that most of the benefits of the practice are mental and psychological.  I have found a higher sense of balance and peace in my life, while concurrently getting health benefits, both physical and physiological.  I would, and will, recommend Stacy to anyone who inquires, and/or who I feel would benefit from her sessions.”  

– Terrance L. McKnight, MBA, MA, Academic Advisor – University College


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